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How well do you understand how others see you?

At First Impressions we help you discover how you are perceived at work, while navigating your career, and in social situations. We help you gain self-awareness, provide you with supportive and constructive feedback, and show you how to take practical steps to realize your goals.
Our unique methodology combines business and social psychology, is grounded in academic research, built on real-world experience, and tailored to the individual. Follow-up data shows that more than 90% of our clients have used their First Impressions coaching with lasting, positive impact.

We will enhance your:

Self-awareness  •  Executive Presence  •  Relationships  •  Influence  •  Strategic Thinking  •  Mindfulness  •  Communication  •  Interpersonal skills  •  Active listening  •  Interview skills

We offer a range of innovative services that help you to see yourself as others see you and to use that knowledge to make meaningful changes that enhance your impact and success.

See Ann Demarais featured on Good Morning America.

First Impressions: What You Don't Know About How Others See You
Our book, First Impressions: What You Don't Know About How Others See You, was published by Bantam / Random House and translated into 24 languages.
Our Track Record
Since 1997 we have coached with hundreds of clients, including CEOs in Fortune 500 companies, career transitioners, and individuals who want to enhance their social success. First Impressions been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, NPR, and the London Times, among many other venues.

What We Offer    More info

Executive Coaching

Enhancing your leadership and executive presentation

Interpersonal Style Survey

Get objective feedback on how others see you

Interview Coaching

Making the right impression to get the offer and salary you desire

Career Transitions Coaching

Strategizing your career path in the new economy

Social Skills Coaching

Have the power to enhance the impression you make

First Impressions Seminars

Interactive Workshops for your groups


My First Impressions consultant helped me realize my potential to explore new career opportunities, and now I’m in a great place. The coaching helped me make a creative change in my career path.

Andrea Newman

SN Tours

I loved the interview coaching! It was so helpful to get a professional point of view on how I came across. My coach showed me what I was doing well, and some negative messages I was sending. It was personalized, honest, and powerful. I can honestly say I wouldn't have gotten this job without the coaching.

Dan O'Neil

Senior Chemical Engineer

Our First Impressions seminar was terrific—the participants gained poise, confidence, and self-awareness, and it’s made a lasting impact on their leadership. It’s the first time some of the technical “geeks” really saw the human side of the business. The group loved the activities and Ann’s facilitation.

Ron Pannone

Manager, Talent Development and Assessment Division, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

The coaching really helped me understand how I am perceived, and I learned some very specific things to do that made me a much more effective leader. It was eye-opening.

Doug Vaughan

Senior VP and CFO, ISP

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