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Gia Kazarian

Leadership & Social Consultant, First Impressions Consulting West Coast

Gia Kazarian

As the only First Impressions Consulting certified consultant based on the West Coast, Gia Kazarian’s personable demeanor and professional development expertise are the formula for achieving desired personal and professional results. With over 15 years of experience in human resources and leadership development, Gia works with individuals to strengthen their social skills, self-awareness and professional behaviors through a proven method.

First Impressions Consulting was founded by Dr. Ann Demarais; author and psychologist of New York. First Impressions helps you discover how you are perceived at work, while navigating your career, and in social situations. We help you gain self-awareness, provide you with supportive and constructive feedback, and show you how to take practical steps to realize your goals. Our unique methodology combines business and social psychology, is grounded in academic research, built on real-world experience, and tailored to the individual. Follow-up data shows that more than 90% of our clients have used their First Impressions coaching with lasting, positive impact.

Gia’s history with the First Impressions team and passion for improving individuals through education is infectious, as you can see in her career. She has directed and implemented leadership development and HR programs for Fortune 500 companies. She brings this national experience and exposure to the California’s Central Valley.

Gia’s clientele includes people working in the following industries:

• Advertising
• Beauty
• Construction
• Customer Service
• Energy
• Financial
• Health/Wellness
• Human Resources
• Legal Services
• Manufacturing
• Operations
• Retail
• Security
• Services
• Technology

She works with individuals, teams, and organizations on how to tell the truth and collaborate in a way that allows them to unlock opportunities, achieve new results, and gracefully produce needed changes on-the-spot.

Gia lives with her husband of nine years and their two young sons. She enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, trying new fitness activities and connecting with her Armenian roots in supporting cultural events. Above all, Gia thrives in meeting new people and helping others seek their full potential.

Education & Certifications

• Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (NYU)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Minor in Workplace Studies – University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
• Myers-Briggs Qualifying Program Certification
• Leadership Coaching & Tool Certifications
• Results Coaching Systems Experience


Gia offers a wide range of First Impressions Consulting services on the West Coast. Each service is tailored to the client’s needs.

Executive Coaching* (Custom Plans / Ongoing Coaching)
   - 360 Interview & Feedback Report
   - Interpersonal Style Survey
Interview Skills / Career Transitioning (2-3 hour session to start)
Social Skills Coaching (2-3 hour session to start)

*Your first consultation is free!

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